A-Z About Me!

A-Z About Me!

Car park keyboard

Creative Commons License Jeremy Segrott via Compfight

I think I am very accurate when it comes to mathematical problems.

I would say that I am quite bitter when it comes to something I am not interested in.

I hope I will get a good career when I am older.

I can not stand dancing at all!

I love to exaggerate, I do it way too much.

My favorite brand is easily Ferrari.

I am “usually” not grumpy.

I am a great hockey player.

I have an amazing imagination (Sometimes it is good sometimes it is bad).

There is one movie that I really love called Jason Bourne.

I am the the king of laughing. I want to learn all about mechanics when I am older.

I can be very naughty sometimes (VERY). I like being optimistic.

It takes a lot for me to be pleased.

Our teacher is the Queen of our class.

My reflexes have to be perfect for hockey.

I always try to be straightforward when I speak.

The Hubble telescope is mind-blowing.

My bedroom is always untidy.

I like to visit different places.

I am a wreck when I wake up every morning.

I have had only had one x-ray.

I hate the color yellow. I do not like eating zucchini.

Thanks for reading.