My Geo Bunny

Our newest project is called Geo Bunny. We had to make a bunny out of geometric shapes and measure the area and perimeter of each shapes and for a circle circumference. We also had to write a “bunny bio” about how our bunny was special and unique. The best bunny’s will make it into the Geo Queens Kingdom. My Bunny’s name is Sam. Here is the bunny bio.

“My bunny is super unique because it can time travel, so if the Easter Bunny ever forgets to hide eggs in a house this bunny can travel back in time, hide eggs in the house and save Easter! He also can carry extra eggs in a pouch on the backside of his body. Another one of his specialties is rocket boot flying. Sam is a expert rocket boot flyer he has competed in many competitions and won them all.”

If you were to make a geo bunny what would your bunny bio say? Please tell me in the  comments.