This year I had one of the best spring breaks EVER!

I got to go to Hawaii! It was so fun. We did a lot of cool things like snorkeling, body boarding and visiting a rainbow forest. We also got to ride bicycles around half of the island. Those were just a few of the many awesome things we did in Hawaii.

Image result for hawaii islandsFirst of all, Hawaii is not just one island, it is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are six islands called: Hawaii (known as the “Big island”), Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu and Kauai. We went to Kauai, sometimes called the “garden island” for its rich air and the jungle always nearby. We went there for ten days.


Image result for snorkelingI saw some amazing fish while snorkeling in Kauai. My favorite one that I saw is called a Christmas Wrasse. I like it because it has stunning colors and it is really fast. Right in front of our hotel I saw a really cool eel called the Spotted Snake Eel. It is an breathtaking experience to swim with the fish.


I thought I liked boogie boarding but then I discovered that I prefer body boarding better than boogie boarding.  When you body board, its almost like your body turns into a surf board and you ride the wave all of the way in. Some of the waves were too big to ride in, you had to dive under them to not hurt your self. The waves got up to about 8 feet! I is quite painful when you catch a wave the wrong way because you get tumbled into the sand.


We went to this place called a rainbow forest. The trees had amazing colors that were super vibrant. These trees are a special variety of the eucalyptus. While we visited the rainbow forest we found a swimming hole with a rope swing. It was fun to swing out into the fresh water.


I think my favorite part was the bike path. There was a bike path that went nine miles on the east side of the island. We went out early one morning and we saw whales and dolphins in the sunrise. One day, I carried my boogie board under my arm while riding my coaster bike to Kealia beach. On the way home we stopped for shaved ice!


I love Kauai and I highly recommend it for biking, hiking, snorkeling and beach play. That is why I think it was my best trip ever.

What was your favorite trip?


The Crazy Cupid Trap

The Cupid Trap

If you want to capture the well known valentines angel. You will have to have the best trap you can possibly get. That trap has to be top of the line. I teamed up with jack to build the best trap ever.Our Cupid trap is the best of the best (of the best).

The trap consists of the best radars and the best cupid sensors on the planet. When our trap finds it, it will fly to Cupid. Cupid will smell the delicious treats inside the ship. He will instantly want to get the treats inside. There is a motion sensor that gets triggered as soon as he walks in and the door shuts.

You must wonder why we want Cupid. We want him here so he can spread love throughout the Comox Valley. The Comox Valley could always use some love. I think that anywhere in the world could use some love.
Hope you have a wonderful valentine’s day!

Edited by Kaya.


Cured Cancer


“O my gosh, I found it! I have to tell the team!”

A group of doctors and scientists has teamed up to make a vaccine that will never let anybody on earth get cancer again. They have been working at it for years together and have now claimed to cured all cancer. They will soon release an airborne vaccine which will prevent all types of cancer in the future

“Stefan!” I yell as I sprint down the corridor to my second-in-command’s quarters. As soon as I make it to his place I wake him up.

“Get all of the team up, I found the cure!” I tell him. Instantly he is up racing around, rousing our team. Once we get to the lab, I ask Stefan to call all of the leaders of the United Nations to get all of their biggest cargo airplanes to disperse all of our new vaccine globally.

Our group is so relieved for the next few days because our job was done and we made millions. Of course, nothing ever works right for this bunch because we start hearing reports from all around the world that people are turning into zombies! The employees start getting very alarmed so we quickly go back to our lab and try to find out what went wrong.

I am getting very suspicious about my team because they are all acting weird and zone out when I am speaking to them. I assume they are just very tired. The next morning the impossible happens, my team is turning into zombies! I crash off to my enclosed office, on the way I grab a needle full of anesthetic. As soon as I get in, I lock the door. I shove my work tables and desks behind the door to slow the zombies down.

I hear the slamming of bloody fists on my door. It is starting to dent! I go to the farthest side of my room and pray, “Please, no, not today! PLEASE!” I yell out my final words as they break through my barricade and start coming at me. I can not stand the horror of my hardworking helpful co-workers attacking me. I get the needle and I put it inside my arm and push the plunger. Everything goes dark and I know it’s over for me.

Five Series you Have to Read

Out28 {263/366} Espalhadores de vírus! Eder Capobianco via Compfight

5 Awesome Series you Have to Read.

  • The I am number four series. The reason I like this series is because I found it super exciting and it always made me want to read more. It is about aliens try to take over earth but 9 kids that have super cool powers fight them off. They go on many adventures and fight to save everyone.


  • The Everlost series. I like The Everlost series because there is so much adventure, excitement and loss. Two teenage kids die in a car crash but don’t make it to the tunnel of light and end up getting stuck as ghosts. They make friends and enemies and try to win a war against their enemies.


  • The Lockdown series. This is one really good series because there is a lot of suspense and it really makes you wonder what is going to happen next. A teenage boy is charged for murder of his best friend even though he did not do it. He is sent to the worst prison in the world and finds out that the people who own it are trying to make an army and take over the world. He unites with his friend to try to save humanity.


  • The Percy Jackson series. I really like the lighting thief series because I like all of the cool characters the author came up with, like medusa. A teenage boy is off to his summer cabin when a monster attacks them and is sent off to train in a camp for demigods like him. He finds out that his father is the god of the sea, Poseidon.


  • The Hunger Game series. This series was very enjoyable to read because it really made me want the main character to win. This teenage girl lives in a poor town, or by the people who own it is a district it is district 12. Every year there is something called the hunger games. It is where a boy and a girl are called from each district to fight to the death in a arena. She got into the arena and won with a boy from her own town.

What books do you like to read?


The One I Most Admire

Martin Jones 2016.jpg
By mark6mauno – https://www.flickr.com/photos/mark6mauno/26356597072/, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Hi viewers,
There is this really good NHL goalie, he is the person in hockey I admire the most. This person is named Martin Jones. The super good goalie plays for the San Jose Sharks. I play goalie too, with an awesome local team which has one of my classmates, Jack.

The reason I like Jones is because I think that he is almost always very calm in pretty tense situations. I also like him because he makes his decisions very fast, he is fast too. One more reason is that when he moves it looks like he is floating. He is so smooth; he just makes it look so easy. But I know from experience that it is not.

Jones has stopped 2405 shots in his NHL career. He has let in 213 goals, played 102 games, and has had 13 shutouts! I think that it is awesome knowing that he is only 26 years old and has a great career ahead of him. When I grow up it would be really cool to play that high of level hockey.

Who is your favorite NHL player?


My Favourite Car

2016-03-01 Geneva Motor Show 0992
Hello readers,

My favorite car is the one that you will see flying down the road at top speed the Lykan Hypersport! I think of the Lykan Hypersport as a super-sleek, powerful supercar. The shape of its body is very elegant with lots of nice sharp grooves.

The car is powered with a 3.4 litre twin turbo flat six engine with 780 horsepower. The acceleration is very good, to 100 km/h it takes an amazing 2.8 seconds. I think that it is pretty good compared to a Lamborghini Veneno which takes 2.9 seconds. It is pretty close but the price and the engine are the biggest differences. The Lykan Hypersport costs $3.4 million, while the Lamborghini Veneno is $4.5 million (American).

The engines, The Lykan has very powerful engine as you already know, but the Lamborghini has a 6.5 litre V12 with 750 horsepower which is less than the Lykan. Another thing that surprises me about the two is that the Lykan has a higher top speed than the Lamborghini. The Lykan can go to 385 km/h while the Lamborghini only goes to 355 km/h! I think the reason for this is because the weight. The Lykan is 238 pounds lighter than the Lamborghini.

About the interior, the insides of the Lykan are very elegant but also a bit race style. The seats inside this super car  have a carbon shell which most of the car is made of too. What is cool also, is that it has its own wifi so you can text or do whatever inside with your device. The car has super crazy LED headlights with diamonds embedded inside them. Have you seen this car? What was your response to being near it?

Overall, I think that this crazy supercar, the Lykan Hypersport,  is really awesome.

If you could have a dream car what would it be?

Image: Norbert Aepli, Switzerland [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons