Cured Cancer


“O my gosh, I found it! I have to tell the team!”

A group of doctors and scientists has teamed up to make a vaccine that will never let anybody on earth get cancer again. They have been working at it for years together and have now claimed to cured all cancer. They will soon release an airborne vaccine which will prevent all types of cancer in the future

“Stefan!” I yell as I sprint down the corridor to my second-in-command’s quarters. As soon as I make it to his place I wake him up.

“Get all of the team up, I found the cure!” I tell him. Instantly he is up racing around, rousing our team. Once we get to the lab, I ask Stefan to call all of the leaders of the United Nations to get all of their biggest cargo airplanes to disperse all of our new vaccine globally.

Our group is so relieved for the next few days because our job was done and we made millions. Of course, nothing ever works right for this bunch because we start hearing reports from all around the world that people are turning into zombies! The employees start getting very alarmed so we quickly go back to our lab and try to find out what went wrong.

I am getting very suspicious about my team because they are all acting weird and zone out when I am speaking to them. I assume they are just very tired. The next morning the impossible happens, my team is turning into zombies! I crash off to my enclosed office, on the way I grab a needle full of anesthetic. As soon as I get in, I lock the door. I shove my work tables and desks behind the door to slow the zombies down.

I hear the slamming of bloody fists on my door. It is starting to dent! I go to the farthest side of my room and pray, “Please, no, not today! PLEASE!” I yell out my final words as they break through my barricade and start coming at me. I can not stand the horror of my hardworking helpful co-workers attacking me. I get the needle and I put it inside my arm and push the plunger. Everything goes dark and I know it’s over for me.

What is Your Dab Length



Hello readers,

Our Survey Question,

Our class did a fun project  on Data Analysis last week. We were split into a couple groups, The people who were in mine: Livea, Lane and Brooklyn. We had to think of a good survey  question we came up with Dab length.

Equipment and Procedure,

To measure their Dab length we make them tuck their nose inside their elbow. After that we got a meter stick out and measured from their elbow to the tip of their fingers. We recorded there Dab lenth on a chart.


I had a few predictions on the averages of this survey. I predicted that the Mean was going to be 75 cm. I predicted that the Median was going to be 70 cm. I predicted that the mode was going to be 75 cm. I also predicted that the range was going to be from 50 cm to 90 cm and the difference is 40 cm.

Our Data,

There was a wide range between the lowest and the highest, the lowest: 79 cm, the highest: 117 cm  the difference is 38 cm( My Dab length was 85 cm). The most common length (Also known as the Mode) was 91 cm. The middle number (Also known as the Median) was 91.5 The mathematical average (Also known as the mean) was 94.1 cm. I was very wrong with my predictions.

Comparing Predictions,

As you already know I was very wrong with my predictions. I was 2 cm less with my Range prediction. I was 24 cm less with the mode prediction.  I was 21.5 cm less for my Median prediction. I was 19 cm less with my mean prediction. I did not guess well.

How I got all the Numbers,

Of course all of those numbers did not magically appear on my paper, so I will tell you how they did. To get the mean: to get this average you have to add up all of the data points in the data set and then divide that sum by how many points there are in the set. The equation 1881÷20= 94.05

To get the median: to get this average you have to order the numbers from least to greatest and then count down from either side of the set until the middle, if the set has an even number you take the two in the middle add them together then divide by two. the equation 91+92=183 183÷2=91.5

To get the Mode: to get this average you have to look at the data set and find the most common data point. No equation.

To get the Range: to get this you have to find the lowest data point and then the highest and subtract them. This is how I got these numbers. The equation 117-79=38.

To Sum it Up,

The Range, Mean, Median and Mode, all of those thing are part of something called measures of central tendency all of them are averages as well. What measure of central tendency do you think suits this survey question the best? (It means what average do you think is the best ).

Thanks readers.



Tsunami Hazard Zone - Tsunami Preparedness

encouragement via Compfight

If there was an emergency at night I would have a bedside kit. What I would recommend:

  • A Head lamp
  • Your needed medications
  • Small first aid kit with bandages
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • A large water bottle
  • Small Swiss army knife
  • Money like 10 dollars just in case

What would you recommend?

~Daniel encouragement via Compfight